Traveling to this event?

Traveling to this event?

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Sat 26th:

2019 KNI Referee Seminar, Foyle Arena, DERRY. 9.00am – 4.30pm.  

Morning: revision of WKC rules, scenarios and rules examination.

Afternoon: practical training and refereeing plus training on the computer scoring system.

All member associations and clubs need to provide working officials. Officials from member associations cannot be continually expected to referee competitors from associations that do not provide qualified officials. If you have not attended a Referee Seminar before or you are new or experienced in refereeing you are encouraged to attend and are very welcome. All officials attending the Referee Seminar will be required to be in Referee Uniform and have tatami footwear (no outdoor shoes are permitted on the tatami). Please study the WKC rules prior to attending. You will find the rules on the World Karate Confederation website

KNI squad members need to be in attendance in the afternoonto assist the referee’s in the practical. 

Fee £10.00.

Sun 27th:  

2019 Kumite & Kata Championships, Foyle Arena, DERRY, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

We will begin with the youngest competitors in both kumite and kata and work up through the age groups.

Please note:

Closure date of Sunday 20th is the closure date. There is no extension.

Start time is start time. Please have competitors arrive in good time to be ready to compete.

If competitors are not ready (gloves, belts etc.) when called, they will forfeit the contest.

A random weight/height/age check will take place on the day. Anyone found to be in the wrong category will be disqualified.



There are some amendments to the website to be made in terms of dates but you can begin to register you competitors todayon the Events page. Please do not wait until the last moment. For those that have not used the system before you will need a photograph of your entrant along with D.O.B. etc. any issues please contact for assistance.



Entry deadline

2018.10.22 - 2019.01.23
Registration expired

Registration mode

Exact day (2019.01.27)

Time Zone

Europe/London (2023-06-06 00:51)




Foyle Arena, Derry, BT47 6JY

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